De European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine (ECHM) en de  European Diving Technology Committee (EDTC) hebben (Europese) richtlijnen opgesteld waaraan de opleidingen van duikerartsen moeten voldoen.

Level 1 “Medical Examiner of Divers” (MED)

Competent to perform the fitness-to-dive assessments of working and recreational divers and compressed air workers, except the resume diving assessment after major decompression incidents.

Level 2D “Diving Medicine Physician” (DMP)

Competent to perform the initial and all other assessments of working and recreational divers or compressed air workers. Can manage diving accidents and advise diving contractors and others on diving medicine and physiology (with the back-up of a diving medical expert of consultant). Should have knowledge in relevant aspects of occupational health. He or she does not need to be certified specialist in occupational medicine to be in accordance with the standards, but it is recommended also for those of Level 1, who examine commercial divers and compressed air workers. Should have certified skills and basic practical experience in fitness to dive assessment, management of diving accidents, safety planning for professional diving operations, advanced life support and acute trauma care as well as general wound care.

Level 3D: This level is not yet implemented

(under construction for next revision of the standards).

Level 2H and 3H: “Hyperbaric Medicine Physician” (HMP).

Our board and thus our databank is not including clinical hyperbaric medicine doctors, acknowledging that with HBO-treatment as one of the acknowledged indications these doctors also have a considerable competence in the scientific part of diving medicine including experience with recreational DCI. Such competence levels may be registered by the European College for Baromedicine (ECB), the certifying board of the European Committee for Hyperbaric Medicine (ECHM).


duiksimulator ”Medusa”

Foto: Rob Aarsen